It’s time to celebrate our wins of 2020, big or small, by putting a spotlight on our journey so far.
Share a proud moment from this year, whether it’s a tasty recipe, a killer workout or even just taking the first step on your journey — together we keep moving.




"I have learned to work out again with pleasure and not because I have to. From obsessive work out schedules, I am back to a healthy balance with nutrition being a key and enjoyable part of my routine thanks to Body&Fit."


“In the past 5 months, I’ve made more conscious choices with nutrition and developed a better rhythm which makes me feel fitter and super motivated. With the help of Body&Fit products, I've gained 5kg on my way to 105KG (weighing 98kg now) and because of this improved routine and the energy I get from it, I can finally do loose handstand push ups.”


“I unfortunately fell over and got a bad ‘back shot’. Couldn’t do anything for weeks, lost most of my muscles and did 6 months of rehab. So I have, for the past 8 months, built myself back slowly with the help of Body&Fit products.”


With an improved nutrition, I have lost 5kg in the last year and feel much lighter. Body&Fit has been a great contributor of my overall weight loss. Thanks to this, I improved my record in push-ups on bars by 10 repetitions.