Gerwout Bisschop, Stockist, Body&Fit

For almost seven years, I worked in grocery stores. I was the produce guy, cleaning and stocking the vegetable displays. It was fine work, but I wasn’t passionate about it. During this time, a friend of mine encouraged me to start working out. He worked in a gym and was exercising a lot and feeling great—so I decided to give it a try.

At first, working out was hard for me. I was very unfit! Over time, though, I began to see results. I was slowly getting better at the workouts and actually having fun. After a year, I was going to the gym almost every day of the week. I was happier and fitter and mentally stronger, too.

The same friend also introduced me to Body & Fit products, which I began using. I loved them! These were nutritional supplements that I could actually afford and they tasted great. Using Body & Fit helped me to get in even better shape.

I was inspired by Body & Fit and the work they were doing. So, about two years ago, I took a job with them as a warehouse stockist. I help to fulfill online orders by locating products, packing them, and sending packages out for shipment. The atmosphere on my team at Body & Fit is amazing. We have fun together, chatting during breaks, playing table tennis, and planning parties for the weekend. Team atmosphere is really important for us, since warehouse jobs aren’t customer-facing. My colleagues make my work enjoyable.

Although I do love my job, I have dreams of moving onto bigger challenges. I chose to apply for my position because I was passionate about Body & Fit and the fitness industry. I’m motivated in my work, knowing that we are making people happy and improving their lives. I hope to continue to grow within this company, eventually taking an office job with the Body & Fit team.

I believe that if you work hard and give 100%, you can do any job you want and reach any goals you set for yourself. This is my philosophy in work, in the gym, and in life. I plan to apply this to my career, excelling in the job I have now as I learn, develop, and progress. I’m excited to see how far I can go with Body & Fit.