Meet Tom, HR advisor, Body&Fit

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I think it’s really important for people to bring 100% of their personal energy and passion to the workplace — the energy we put out is the energy we get back, after all.

Before I joined Body & Fit in May 2018, I was studying sports education but soon realised that I didn’t want a career that was based around organizing sports events. I wanted to combine my passion for working closely with people with my love of sports so I switched lanes and went on to study HR.

Today I’m the HR Advisor for Body & Fit and my day revolves around working for and with people to make sure everything from onboarding to payroll to personal development processes are running smoothly. I make sure I’m available to everyone to talk about any issues that there might be or ideas or suggestions that they might have because we’re all in this together — we’re a team.

That’s one thing I love about working at Body & Fit. We’re a diverse bunch but we’re focused on supporting and helping other people and we always have each other’s backs. We’re all part of the Body & Fit tribe and most of us have a passion for sport, which usually means we’re competitive and that makes for a fun workplace where everyone is working together to be the best. That excites me and gives me energy.

There’s just something about team sports that I’ve loved ever since I was a kid and started playing football. Winning and losing together is way more fun than winning or losing alone. It’s a connection that everyone who works here has in common and it’s something that I look out for when we’re hiring for new roles — that passion and energy for sports, fitness, health or nutrition.

There’s also plenty of room to develop and grow at Body & Fit. I started as an HR Assistant and I spent my first couple of months figuring out how to become more efficient so I could spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on improvement projects. I’m still learning every day and I think that’s something that you don’t really find in many other organisations. It’s challenging but exciting at the same time. Not to mention, great for my career development!

Body & Fit is the perfect place for anyone looking to work somewhere challenging, fast-paced and fun. If you are ambitious and can show your worth, you could go far fast — I myself am an example of that. It’s a great company with lots of layers. Everyone is always open to good ideas and looking for improvements and you would be in a unique position to make an impact on not only your career but also the company.