Product reviews

Why should you write a review?

Product reviews are meant to share product findings on the website, in order to inform other customers. Do you want to write a review? Make sure it complies with the guidelines below. There are some rules to it.

How to write a good review:

  • Describe why you like or dislike the product and list any comments, either positive or negative. Keep in mind that your review should be valuable for other customers, try to be concise but complete. However it is not allowed to make health claims on the product.
  • Write your review in understandable and correct English/Dutch/French etc.
  • Limit your review to your own experience with the product you have purchased and tried.

This is not allowed when writing a review:

  • The use of health claims in a review. Due to legislation and monitoring by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, it is not allowed to make (medical) claims on products and to use them in reviews. Examples of claims that are not allowed:
    • Medical claims: "I am cured of....", “I have no more pain, since using the product X”, “product X prevents getting a disease”.
    • Health claims: "I have lost 5 kg in 1 week from product X", "I am fitter, my condition has improved and recovery is faster after using product X", “I could hit the gym with this pre-workout 50 minutes longer”, “I have more energy during training”, “my muscles are bigger after using product X”.
  • Opinions or statements that do not relate to your experience in using the product, for example because you have never used the product.
  • Insults, offensive language, diseases or grammatical corruption of these.
  • References, whether through URLs or not, to other websites.

Body & Fit reserves the right to remove product review(s) from the website at any time, without further notice. Body & Fit checks reviews manually and aims to publish them within 7 days. Reviews are placed on the website in chronological order. Body & Fit may remove a review based on the following reasons:

  • If one or more of the guidelines described above has not been complied with, or Body & Fit has a reasonable suspicion of this.
  • If a product review is related to the product information included with the product, which was incorrect at the time of purchase. In order to avoid confusion Body & Fit can choose to remove product reviews which conflict with the correct product information.

Body & Fit has the right to change the guidelines for product reviews.


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