A handful of ingredients turned into an incredibly delicious, plant-based protein shake

High in protein, naturally sweetened, and with a great taste; The Vegan Perfection Special Series is the protein shake you’ve been waiting for. Made with natural, plant-based ingredients only!



Perfection is here !

In case you missed it, vegan is booming! But using a plant-based shake to increase your protein intake often forces you to compromise on taste. That ends today! The Vegan Perfection Special Series by Body & Fit tastes fantastic and is 100% plant-based. With 22 grams of protein per serving, reaching your daily needs has never been so easy. Vegan Perfection is here, why settle for less?

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Natural flavours
Natural aromas and taste specific ingredients, like real vanilla powder, freeze-dried coffee and low-fat cocoa power, give this shake its great flavour.

Plant-based protein blend
A powerful combination of pea- and rice protein result in an incredible 22 grams of protein per shake. Ideal after a workout!

No artificial sweeteners
Our Vegan Perfection Special Series shake is sweetened with a stevia-based sweetener, sourced from the leaves of the stevia plant.