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10 tips to get more out of your training

Day in, day out, you are sweating in the gym. There is a result, but you are far from satisfied. What can you actually do to get even more results from your training?
There are many ideas and beliefs about fitness. We have listed ten tips for you that can help you get a step closer to your dream physics.

1. Find a training buddy

Training together can give you a great incentive to perform better. You can motivate each other and you don't want to be inferior to each other. Your buddy can also push you to your limit, especially at the times when you would have dropped out yourself. Not only does this work very well in terms of motivation, you also have a spotter who can pay attention to your posture, your shape and your pace.

2. Switch training program

If you train according to a training schedule, you may notice that over time your muscles stop growing. This is often after a few months. This is because your muscles no longer receive a stimulus, the training stimulus is necessary for your muscles to grow. A very simple way to do this is to change your training program. Make a new schedule for yourself with different types of exercises and repetitions and you will see that your muscles will start to grow again.

3. Have a good feeding schedule

Nutrition is very important if you are passionate about sports, it is so important that it is responsible for 60% to 70% of your result with sports. With training you cause small tears in your muscles. Food is your fuel before exercise and provides recovery after your workout. If your nutrition is not optimal, your body cannot perform these processes optimally and the body will not be able to repair itself quickly enough for your next workout.

4. Get plenty of rest

Your muscles need 24 - 48 hours after a workout to fully recover from a workout. If you do not take enough rest, your muscles will not be able to fully recover, this can cause that progression will not take place. Make sure that enough rest is included in your training schedule. Sleep is also part of your rest. Read more about sleep and why it is so important for your recovery in this blog .

5. Don't forget leg-day

Leg day is tough, very tough! It hurts, you get tired, enormous acidification and you experience muscle pain like you never thought you would ever experience. Provided you do it well, of course. And yet your legs are one of the most important muscles to train, because there are no larger muscle groups than in your legs, think of the thigh muscles, hamstrings, calf muscles and your glutes. And precisely because it contains the largest muscles in your body, it is important to train them, because after an intensive training they will also release a lot of growth hormones. Due to this enormous release, other muscle groups will also be able to grow faster. Include at least one leg-day per week in your schedule and you will notice the difference.

6. Start with an underlying muscle group

Everyone has a weaker or difficult exercise for themselves. Since these are often not your favorite exercises, it will be done at the end of the workout. Change this once and do this exercise at the beginning of your workout. You will firstly see that your practice improves, but also that you start the training well because you have done a difficult job first. That way you no longer have to train against that difficult exercise for the rest of the training.

7. Learn about your supplements

Supplements can help you reach your goal even faster. For example, you can train harder and harder with a pre-workout and a protein supplement can help your muscles recover. But read carefully before you buy supplements, we have supplements for every purpose and different combinations can enhance each other's effect.

A basic muscle building stack for almost every athlete is creatine , whey perfection , a pre-workout and a multi-vitamin . Would you like to lose weight? Then the products isolate perfection , green tea , ripped pre-workout and a multivitamin are perfect for you.

8. Vary your pace in exercises

There are different paces in which you can do exercises. The most common pace is 1-2, which means that you make the movement in 1 second and return to the original position in 2 seconds. To give your body a different stimulus, you can also vary your pace. For example, you can train at 2-4, so that you also demand more endurance from your muscles due to the lower pace.

9. Intensity

As mentioned, the key to muscle growth is the training stimulus that you give the muscles. To ensure maximum muscle damage (which leads to compensation and thus growth) it is important to train to your limit. That means that you can just finish the last reps with good form. This is very tough and requires a lot of willpower, but if you want to be as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger you will simply have to work very hard for this.

10. Have fun!

This is actually the most important thing: make sure you enjoy your workouts. You can do this by, for example, occasionally trying some other exercises instead of your strict schedule. Experimenting with other sports programs such as TRX or HIIT is not only fun, but it is also something different than normal. A disciplined life is hard enough and missing one of your own training is not directly disastrous for your gains, fortunately. So don't be too hard on yourself and allow yourself that pleasure.