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5 tips for big arms

Big arms, one of the most popular reasons to start exercising. It's the muscles that get the most attention and compliments. Everyone wants big arms, but how do you make them grow? We give you 5 tips to get started.

1. Set aside a special day for your arms

It is common to train in a routine that combines your back with biceps and chest with triceps. When you train the back muscles, you also address the biceps. After all: agonist and synergist. If you dedicate a workout completely to your arms once a week, the full focus will be on the biceps and triceps. Supporting the large muscle group already causes fatigue of the arms, but when you spend a full workout on your arm muscles alone, you can put all your energy into these muscle groups.

2. Maintain proper form 

The execution of an exercise always comes first, the weight only comes second. Sometimes people are more concerned with the weight they use, rather than actually training the muscle. Put your ego aside and choose the right weight to perform the exercise as effectively as possible. This way, you also prevent injuries!

3. Vary your exercises

The most famous exercise for your biceps is without a doubt the bicep curl. But doing the same thing every time will over time stimulate your muscle less and less. Try to alternate with dumbbells, barbells, and cables in your schedule every week. In terms of biceps and triceps, you can perform almost all exercises both standing and sitting. It doesn't hurt to improvise sometimes!

4. Vary with dropsets and supersets

Drop sets mean that you perform the exercise several times in succession. The principle is that you go to 'failure' every set and lower the weight every time. This provides extra variation during your training that gives the muscle different stimuli.
A super set means that you do two exercises immediately after each other. You do this without taking a rest between these exercises. After a super set of two sets you can of course rest for a while. For example, you can combine dumbbell curls with hammer curls in a super set. In general, a super set ensures a good pump more quickly.

Train until you get a pump

Pump means that your muscles need extra oxygen due to constant load. As a result, your body sends more blood to the muscles to supply that oxygen. If you work a lot with supersets and dropsets you can get the pump faster. Pump is actually the feeling of full, bloated muscles, which you experience especially when training arms. Try it!