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The 10 best outdoor workouts

Yes, the sun is shining! It’s time to break out the BBQ, head off on holiday and take some time to relax with family and friends. Not only that… summer is also the ideal season to enjoy some sports in the great outdoors. After months of sweating in overcrowded gyms, it’s a relief to be able to train in the fresh, open air. If, like us, you’re ready to get out there and mix up your fitness routine, then check out these 10 outdoor workout ideas for some top inspiration.

Outdoor workout idea #1: running in nature

Even though it’s good for your cardio, we all know that five minutes on the treadmill can feel like an hour. Well, say goodbye to monotonous running machines and say hello to nature! When you run outdoors, every step you take is different, your surroundings are constantly changing and time flies by. In the woods especially, it can be technically challenging as you have to manoeuvre through narrow paths past protruding tree roots. This trains your ankle stability and the soft ground of the forest also provides better cushioning for your joints compared to the treadmill. For those long endurance runs, add some Body&Fit Isotonic Drink to your bottle to help keep those electrolytes flowing, and enjoy a Body&fit Smart Bar to help those muscles recover once you’ve crossed the line. Find out more about supplements for endurance athletes to help boost your performance and smash your training goals.

Outdoor workout idea #2: fitness trampoline workouts

Get the heart pumping in the comfort of your own garden with a mini fitness trampoline! Jump 3x 1 minute with 1.5 minutes rest in between. After 3 sets take a 3-minute rest. Repeat this 3 times. It might sound easy, but this will give you a top-notch outdoor interval workout (if you can keep the kids away from it!).


You might not think it but a fitness trampoline workout is very effective and a lot of fun.


Outdoor workout idea #3: HIIT workouts

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is popular in the gym, but it’s also great fun to do outdoors. HIIT is a tough form of training where you alternate short periods of intense exercise with breaks of a few seconds or minutes. The nice thing is that you don’t necessarily need any outdoor fitness equipment for it. For classic exercises such as squats, burpees, lunges and planks you only need yourself and a pair of sports shoes. You can also use props from your surroundings, for example a bench in the park to work on your triceps dips. A HIIT workout usually doesn’t take very long (usually between 20-60 minutes), but it can be intense. A quality post-workout protein shake, like Body&Fit Whey Isolate XP, can help your muscles recover and contribute to their overall maintenance and growth.

Tip: Haven’t mastered the perfect squat yet? Perfect the exercise with these five tips.

Outdoor workout idea #4: roller skating

You got it; roller skating is back! And it’s so much more than just a cool way to get around. Roller skating is the perfect way to combine cardio with strength training (it really hits your core, leg muscles and stability) and is completely adaptable to your own level. Want to make it a little more difficult? Feel free to add some dance moves or find a slight incline to make it tougher.


Outdoor workout idea #5: TRX suspension training

This workout was originally devised by the U.S. Navy Seals. They didn’t have extensive equipment at their disposal, but they needed to keep their soldiers in shape. So, they developed a training method based on the use of straps and body weight exercises. Find a stable, sturdy, high point from which to hang the TRX straps (a tree works just fine). Hang the straps and use your own body weight to perform exercises. Here’s a good one: put your hands on the ground and place your feet in the belt loops. Stretch your legs to get into a plank position and feel the burn in your core.

Tip: Want to train your core but don’t have TRX bands at your disposal? Then follow these 4 exercises for a six pack.


Train like a US Navy Seal with a TRX Suspension Trainer.


Outdoor workout idea #6: swimming workout routine

When the heat is almost unbearable, there’s nothing quite like diving into the ocean or a fresh blue pool. Swimming in the sea, pool or open water is a great way to train many muscle groups without straining your joints. Moreover, you burn lots of calories. Always make sure you are safe when you go swimming (alone) in the sea or other open water. You can find some helpful tips and advice to do so in this holiday workout blog.

Outdoor workout idea #7: longe-côte

Water walking? Yes, walking in the water, also called longe-côte by the French. This sport was created fifteen years ago to train professional rowers. It’s the perfect activity for anyone who wants to enjoy the water but cannot or does not want to swim too far out in the sea. You basically walk up to your waist in the water, and then walk parallel to the shore. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really! You have to balance through the current, which demands a lot from your leg muscles. So, treat them to a refreshing Juicy Whey Isolate shake to help them recover while you rest up on the beach.


Already very popular in France, ‘longe-côte’ is a great outdoor workout experience!


Outdoor workout idea #8: Surf’s up!

Not only very cool, but also a full-body workout: surfing. You’ll train your shoulders, back, stomach and buttocks as well as working on your balance when you’re out on the waves. It can feel a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before (like any new sport), but as any seasoned surfers will tell you, “the best surfer is the one who has the most fun”.

Outdoor workout idea #9: skipping rope

Not your thing, braving all those elements? Then keep it nice and simple with a skipping rope. Working out with a skipping rope is an easy and accessible way to burn calories and build fitness. A 10-minute rope workout will quickly burn 150 kcal and help improve your coordination (that’s why you see a lot of boxers doing it). This Body&Fit Speed Rope is ideal for new starters and can be a great addition to your outdoor workout kit.

Outdoor workout idea #10: hop on your bike

Many people ride their bikes every day. It’s just a great way to experience some fresh air, whether you’re climbing hills, commuting to the office or heading out to dinner with friends. Cycling is excellent for your cardio and hits your leg muscles without putting too much strain on your joints (compared to, for example, running). Discovering the landscape and exercising at the same time — can’t get any better, can it? Don’t forget some Body&Fit Rocket Fuel to keep those energy levels high when you’re exploring the trails.


These are our top ten outdoor workout ideas. Of course, there are countless more! For these sports, the same applies as always: warm up properly, take some water with you (possibly with a scoop of Body&Fit BCAA Amino), and don’t forget to put on sunscreen. Adapt your training to the weather as well, so that you don’t train too hard when it’s blistering hot. With the right precautions, exercising outdoors is great! Share your favourite outdoor sports with us on our socials and help inspire our community to find their fit in new and exciting ways.