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Daily Essentials

Body & Fit is the ultimate destination for all your food needs and dietary choices.
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Daily Essentials for Everyone

What you eat on a day-to-day basis is fundamental to your training and physical goals. Your intake lays the foundation for improving your endurance, your strength, toning, building, and all weight goals, from maintenance to loss or gain. Apart from greens and other fresh foods you get from the supermarket or deli, there’s a food category that’s at the basis of every meal: your daily essentials. These are the supplies that stock your cupboard and your pantry. These foods can offer the necessary basic macro and micronutrients for every meal. Plus, they come in handy if you’re out of inspiration or if you forgot to buy that essential ingredient at the supermarket.

Perfect Your Pantry Stock

The usual suspects in every pantry and cupboard are cereals, like muesli, granola and oats. As well as being a breakfast favourite, porridge oats can also be used in your smoothies or home baking. Your carbohydrates are another important category on the shelf. High-protein and/or high-fibre pasta are a good choice and ancient grains help you power-up your salad. Low-calorie cooking sauces and syrups are another must-have. The latter tend to be low in sugar and better than high-street alternatives; they are also a sweet treat to add to pancakes and home baking. Then there’s sugar alternatives, like sweeteners, that come in handy for flavouring and seasoning. Finally, you want something with your sweets: tea and coffee. Herbals teas are a must-have for every pantry or cupboard. Stocking well means you take good notice of what actually goes into those handy cans and bottles. The best stocking hack is to look for low sugar and high protein, with added superfoods, vitamins and minerals. Body & Fit are the destination point for all your food needs and dietary choices.