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High Protein Iced Coffee

Body & Fit

40% Discount

  • Ready-to-drink iced coffee with 15 grams of protein
  • Only 100 kcal per serving
  • Sugar free!

Product Overview

High Protein High Protein
Low fat Low fat
Low carb Low carb
Low sugar Low sugar

A delicious iced coffee with 15 grams of protein perfect for all coffee lovers!

The Protein Iced Coffee is a ready-to-drink protein shake with a deliciously intense coffee flavour. Perfect for an extra boost when you're on the go. While iced coffees from the supermarket often contain a lot of sugar, the Protein Iced Coffee actually has a relatively low amount of carbs2 with only 0,8 gram naturally occurring sugars in a single serving. Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass and to the maintenance of muscle mass. Do you want to switch up your warm cup of coffee for something refreshing? Try the Protein Iced Coffee by Body & Fit now. Best when served ice cold!

The sugar free iced coffee!

1. Contains naturally occurring sugars. 2. Protein Iced Coffee by Body & Fit contains per 100 ml 96% less carbohydrates than comparable iced coffees (0,6 gram versus 9,6 grams).


  • Ready-to-drink iced coffee with 15 grams of protein

  • Only 100 kcal per serving

  • Sugarfree*1

  • Reduced amount of carbohydrates*2

  • Perfect at any time of the day

Nutritional Information

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.5)
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Just the ticket!

Review by Bruce on Nov 1, 2021
Great for on-the-go caffeine and protein hit - tastes really good and not the usual overly sweet taste you get from some other iced coffee brands.

Iced coffee delight

Review by Nadia on Oct 8, 2021
Absolutely loved this coffee . Not a guilty pleasure but great benefits for my body . Lovely taste . Will buy it again .


Review by Stephen Masterson on Jun 1, 2021
Refreshing on the go alternative to my morning coffee.


Review by nicole morten on Mar 16, 2021
Love these! im a massive fan of iced coffee but this is nice and sweet so satisfying my cravings!

Great product

Review by Pauline Stone on Dec 4, 2020
This tastes really nice and I've been re ordering these a few times, nice consistency, fast delivery service

Weinig koffie smaak!

Review by Danielle V.R on Sep 21, 2022
Goh.. teleurstelling wat de smaak betreft! Weinig koffie te proeven.. überhaupt geen smaak aan te geven wanneer men niet zegt wat je te drinken krijgt! Nee das niet voor herhaling vatbaar
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Review by Cindy on Sep 19, 2022
Elke dag 1 van deze is top. Geen koffie drinker maar deze neem ik elke dag bij de lunch.
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Excellent produit !

Review by Cyril on Sep 11, 2022
J'ai utilisé pas mal de marque, mais celle-ci est vraiment top, en gôut et proportion de protéines. Je recommande.
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Vieze na smaak

Review by Mareen on Sep 11, 2022
Het product is veel te wee'ig en er zit een asbak nasmaak aan.. geen aanrader dus...
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Lekker ijskoude koffie

Review by Anoniem on Sep 9, 2022
lekker en makkelijk proteïne binnenkrijgen!
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