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Free delivery for orders over £45
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Amino Perfection

Body & Fit

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  • 7 grams of BCAA per serving

  • 5 grams of EAA per serving

  • 4 grams of Glutamine per serving

  • Calorie free and sugar free

From £11.89

Product Overview

Packed with amino acids in one tasty drink

Want to support your training programme or an active lifestyle? Try our Amino Perfection – an amino acid drink packed with essential and conditionally essential amino acids, including 7g of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and 4g of glutamine. Amino Perfection comes in four delicious flavours and can be used before, during or after training – or anytime throughout the day.

The building blocks of protein

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, of which nine are essential and 11 non-essential. The essential amino acids, or EAAs, can’t be made in the body so you must obtain them through your diet. Glutamine is known as a conditionally essential amino acid as the body’s requirements for glutamine are increased during periods of heavy training. Amino Perfection is the refreshing, calorie-free and sugar-free drink that helps to increase your amino acid intake according to your goals.


  • 7 grams of BCAA, 5 grams of EAA and 4 grams of Glutamine per serving

  • Calorie free and sugar free

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

  • Available in a 380g tub

Suggested Use

Mix one scoop of Amino Perfection (19g) with 250ml of water or your favourite sports drink. Each 380g tub has 20 servings.

Nutritional Information


Amino Perfection Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.2)
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Excellent product - great taste and ingredients

Review by Big Dan on Oct 27, 2019
Really great product with both EAAs and BCAAs, great when training first thing and haven’t got time to eat - plus awesome taste

Geschmack ist sehr gut

Review by Heyn on Jul 2, 2020
Ich bin sehr zufrieden!


Review by Benjamin on Feb 17, 2020
sehr lecker, kann es nur weiterempfehlen


Review by Simone on Nov 15, 2019
Watermelon is zeker te drinken!!! Vind het eigenlijk best lekker! Merk het zeker aan mijn spieren na trainen.

Not satisfying

Review by Ahmed on Oct 25, 2019
Nice Ingredients and nutrition facts Watermelon taste is really disappointing.

Beetje kunstmatige smaak

Review by Florence on Oct 14, 2019
Je proeft bij de Raspberry de acesulfaam-K er behoorlijk doorheen, dat maakt het een beetje chemisch. Volgende keer kijken of de Fruitpunch meer verhullend is.


Review by Anonymous on Oct 13, 2019
Satisfait pour son utilisation pendant l’entrainement, les macros sont intéressant, par contre je conseille le parfum fruit punch contrairement au goût pastèque qui est amère et difficile à boire pour ma part.

Prima product

Review by Silve on Oct 11, 2019
Prima product alleen niet echt lekker, smaak is chemisch.

werkt goed

Review by Pepijn on Oct 10, 2019
Werkt goed, merkte het gelijk aan mijn spieren. De smaak is gewoon smerig maar doet verder wat het moet doen, ik drink het in ieder geval niet omdat het lekker is.

Lekker handig!

Review by Erdem on Jul 14, 2019
Mooie verhoudingen smaak watermeloen is redelijk te drinken.