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BCAA Xplode

Olimp Supplements
  • Instantised BCAA powder
  • 6g of BCAAs per serving
  • 1g of glutamine per serving
From £26.99

Product Overview

Premium BCAA powder to support an active lifestyle

Support your active lifestyle with BCAA Xplode from Olimp Supplements – a premium instantised branched chain amino acid powder. BCAA Xplode is packed with 6g of BCAAs per serving in an optimal 2:1:1 ratio, as well as 1g of glutamine. Take post-exercise or anytime during the day. BCAA Xplode is a great way to add BCAAs into your daily diet according to your nutritional goals.

The building blocks of protein

The BCAAs – leucine, isoleucine and valine - are three essential amino acids popular in sports nutrition. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, of which nine are essential and need to be consumed as part of our daily diet. Eleven others are classified as non-essential which means they are made within the body, but may need topping up from time-to-time. Glutamine is also considered a conditionally essential amino acid, so may be required in higher amounts during periods of intense training.


  • Instantised BCAA powder
  • 6g of BCAAs per serving
  • 1g of glutamine per serving
  • Available in 500g and 1000g pouch, equivalent to 50 or 100 serves

Suggested Use

Mix one scoop (10g) with 200ml water or add as part of your protein shake. Take pre- or post-exercise or anytime during the day.

Nutritional Information


BCAA Xplode Nutritional Information 1

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.8)
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Très bon complément!!!

Review by Julien on Feb 7, 2021
Très complet, goût pas mal. Excellent bcaa.
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Très bon complément.

Review by Anonymous on Dec 11, 2020
Formule très complète. Bien dosée.
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Review by Lenfant eddy on Dec 1, 2020
C'est la 1ere fois que j utilise ce produit, très bon. On verra les résultats
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Excellente composition.

Review by Julien on Sep 27, 2020
Très bon produit bonne réparation des éléments.
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Review by Erkan on Jul 30, 2020
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Bon goût

Review by Mayer on Jul 26, 2020
Ça fait 1 mois que je l'utilise pendan mes séances, rien à redire je prenais j'alterne entre cette bcaa et la XTEND 😉
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Xplod olimp

Review by Razik on Jul 24, 2020
Saveur fraise très bon goût et efficace pour une séance intense je le conseille.
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top product

Review by Virgil on Jun 24, 2019
Voor en na het sporten ideaal suplement.
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Heerlijke smaak

Review by Rachid on Jun 6, 2019
Geeft me precies wat ik nodig heb
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Produit qui tient ses promesses

Review by Sandra on May 27, 2019
Le goût fruit rouge est assez particulier et faite vite chimique mais les résultats sont la
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