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Meal replacement shakes and supplements

Meal replacement products are specifically formulated to support weight loss and weight maintenance after a period of weight loss when used to substitute 1 or 2 meals during the day. They include carbohydrate, fat and protein in addition to fibre and vitamins and minerals. They are a handy way to keep your weight down while making sure you get the nutrients you need.
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Opti-Lean Meal

Opti-Lean Meal

Optimum Nutrition

High in protein and fibre

From £31.90 £31.90

Meal replacement shakes for your diet

There are so many meal replacement shakes diets out there claiming to be the best. At Body & Fit, you can choose from a wide range, including our very own Low-Calorie Meal Powder or Low Calorie Meal ready to drink. We also have products suitable for vegans and vegetarians. – to ensure choice for everyone no matter what your dietary preferences.

Fitting your meal replacement around your life

You can decide which meal you want to replace with a meal replacement shake. Some people like to fill up with one for breakfast, others grab one and take it with them for lunch or dinner. Meal replacement shakes when paired with exercise and consumed as part of a calorie controlled diet can contribute to weight loss.