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The 3 different body types

You know them, statements such as 'everyone is unique' or 'every body is different'. Somewhat cliché, but 100% truth. Blonde hair, brown hair, blue eyes, green eyes, big feet, small feet, endomorph, ectomorph.

What? Endomorph, ectomorph and last but not least, mesomorph. The three different body types into which the human body can be divided. Curious what body type you are and which diet is part of this? Then read on quickly.


An endomorph usually has a compact and stocky body. He (or she) is lucky to put on muscle mass quickly. On the other hand, endomorphs also 'gain' fat mass quickly, something that cannot be lost again quickly. This is due to the slow metabolism of this body type.
Due to this slow metabolism, endomorphs require few calories to grow. A balanced ratio of macronutrients is very important. Since one gram of fat provides 9 kcal of energy, it is not wise to eat a lot of fat. The same goes for carbohydrates, as they are quickly stored as reserves.
The focus can be placed on cardio (in addition to strength training), to reduce the fat percentage or keep it as low as possible.

Most porters and strongest man partisipants are clear examples of endomorphs.


Characteristic of the mesomorph is its athletic build. They are easily muscled and are often naturally strong. They are broad-shouldered and gain weight easily, both in muscle and fat mass.
This body type can also have an interest in cardio, to support strength training, for example, so that the last fat reserves can be lost. The ideal macronutrient ratio for the mesomorph is about 60% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 20% fats. They can take more carbohydrates than endomorphs, because of a higher metabolism.

This is a very desirable body type for bodybuilders. Clear examples of mesomorphs are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath.


Ectomorphs are the opposite of endomorphs. They are often relatively thin and of narrow stature. Due to the fast metabolism, people with this body type are less likely to gain weight. Characteristics are the narrow shoulders and long and thin arms and legs.
If ectomorphs want to maintain or gain weight, they will have to eat a lot of calories. Carbohydrates are ideal for this. A good guideline with regard to the macronutrient ratio is 50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 20% fats.

Good examples of ectomorphs are marathon runners.

What are you?

Don't pin yourself down to one body type. Of course it is not that black and white. Tip is to determine and / or adjust your nutrition based on your fat percentage. Do you (according to your own words) have a too high fat percentage? Start losing weight or dry training. In other words, start eating like an endomorph. If you would like to gain weight, the diet of an ectomorph is recommended.