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BF10 Pre-workout - Sachets

Body & Fit

Product Overview

Low Calorie Low Calorie
Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Body&Fit’s most explosive pre-workout with Astragin®. Expertly made for serious trainers, cross fit enthusiasts or any pre-workout lover looking for the energy and focus to train like never before.


Energy9. Focus7. Drive. That’s what it takes to exceed expectations and get to that next level. Our BF10 pre-workout powder is packed with 10 active ingredients — including AstraGin® (35mg), taurine (315mg), caffeine (200mg), citrulline (4000mg) & beta-alanine (2000mg) — optimally dosed to help you push yourself to the max.  


We’ve developed three innovative flavours each giving you a unique taste sensation that invigorates your body and awakens your senses. Get a sharp, zesty kick from Sour Yellow; open your airways with the cool rush of Blue Ice; or feel that pre-workout fire from Red Spice. Although most of you loved the heat of our BF10 Red Spice flavour, some were a bit too blown away, which is why we've revised the formula to suit everyone who enjoys a little pre-workout fire. We hope you’re open to giving it another try and letting this exciting product continue supporting all your health & fitness needs. Engineered to bring out the ‘you’ who knows no limits. 


The result is a cutting-edge, fun and powerful pre-workout supplement, giving you the sustained energy9, focus7 and immune support5 you need to perform the top of your game. From first set to final rep and beyond. 

Ingredient Breakdown

1. AstraGin®: a 100% natural compound extracted from Astragalus root and San-qi Ginseng root. Each serving of BF10 pre-workout delivers 35mg of this patented ingredient. 

2. Vitamin B3: vitamin B3, also known as niacin, contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and a normal energy-yielding metabolism, so we added 40mg to every serving of BF10 pre-workout.  

3. Citrulline: we didn’t hold back on giving you a full 4000mg dose of this expensive amino acid.  

4. Beta-alanine: we’ve added 2000mg of beta-alanine, a naturally occurring amino acid, in each serving of BF10 pre-workout. 

5. Vitamin C: aside from helping to maintain the normal function of the immune system, vitamin C also contributes to an energy-yielding metabolism. Every serving of BF10 pre-workout contains 80mg of this essential nutrient.   

6. Taurine: taurine is a popular ingredient found in many well-known energy drinks. We added 315mg in each serving of BF10 pre-workout. 

7. Caffeine: one of the most effective stimulants in the world, caffeine has been shown to help increase alertness and improve concentration. Get a potent 200mg hit in every serving of BF10 pre-workout to get you focused for your workout. 

8. Tyrosine: the amino acid tyrosine is a precursor to both dopamine and noradrenaline, so you’ll find 100mg of it in each serving of BF10 pre-workout.  

9. Vitamin B12: each serving of BF10 pre-workout contains 100mg of vitamin B12 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. 

10. Betaine: also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), betaine is closely related to creatine yet rarely found in pre-workout supplements. Even fewer give you a full 1500mg dose per serving.

Why choose BF10 Pre-workout? 

If you’re a serious athlete, cross fit fanatic, or just a general gym enthusiast looking for sustained energy and focus — this new pre-workout with caffeine is for you. Powered by 10 active ingredients, BF10 pre-workout delivers a strong, effective and sustained boost that’s not for the faint-hearted. From the moment it’s mixed with water, the vivid colours and innovative flavours of BF10 pre-workout awaken the senses, inject some WOW into your pre-workout routine and power you up like you’ve never experienced before. 

When to take BF10 Pre-workout? 

We recommend mixing 1 scoop of BF10 (10.5 grams) with 250-300ml of water. Take 1 serving before your workout (maximum 1 serving per day) and experience the new Body&Fit pre-workout sensation! 

What goes well with BF10 Pre-workout? 

Once you’ve powered through your training with a BF10 pre-workout boost, it’s important to replenish the body with the right nutrition, especially if you’re getting after those gains. Go for a post-workout shake, like our premium Whey Isolate XP, to really get the most out of your training. 

Why is there not much information available about BF10 Pre-workout ingredients? 

Unfortunately, due to strict EU legislation, we’re often not able to provide much information about products and ingredients. Only approved claims that are in the EU database may be listed. This also means that we can’t share results from scientific studies that have not been submitted for approval. 

Explore our blog for the complete lowdown on BF10 pre-workout and discover even more pre-workout supplement advice.


  • Powered by 10 active ingredients 

  • A truly unique taste sensation  
  • 35mg of AstraGin® per serving 

Suggested Use

Mix 1 scoop with 250 - 300 ml of water per serving. Drink BF10 pre-workout 15 minutes before training. Maximum 1 dose per day.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (3.9)
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Blue Ice prima/red slice geen aanrader!

Review by Miriam on May 9, 2023
Blue Ice laat een prettig koud gevoel achter. Maar die red spice... Allemaal pijnlijke tintelingen in mn gezicht na het drinken. In de auto naar de sportschool gewoon met de airco vol op mijn gezicht staan blazen om de pijn te minderen. Doet echt pijn alsof je allemaal prikjes krijgt in je gezicht. Wegmasseren helpt tot je je gezicht weer loslaat. Wat een verschrikkelijke pre workout.
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Review by Jacqueline Geerlings Moerkerk on May 8, 2023
Verified purchase
Smaakt goed
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Review by Ahmed Nasir on May 2, 2023
Verified purchase
Eerst keer pre workout, ben zeer tevreden met dit product.
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Goede smaak

Review by Bjorn on Apr 21, 2023
Verified purchase
Kort geleden overgestapt naar deze proteine, heerlijke smaak en lost helemaal op (geen klonten)
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Review by sandra van loveren on Apr 17, 2023
Verified purchase
Hele lekkere bijzondere smaak. Beetje zoet maar ook weer heel fris. Lekker en goed aan je work out beginnen
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Goeie smaak, fijn om uit te proberen

Review by Thijs van den Hout on Mar 28, 2023
Verified purchase
Misschien ben ik allergisch want mijn handen gaan ervan jeuken, dus zal het niet snel weer kopen. Maar daar is precies zo’n zakje perfect voor geweest! Smaak was goed
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pre, pre workout?

Review by Gast on Mar 14, 2023
Verified purchase
BF100 smaakte goed. Makkelijk weg te krijgen, lekker zoet.. Helaas merkte ik weinig verschil in mijn training. Het was een lekkere training, veel kunnen doen maar niet ECHT kunnen pompen door de pre-workout waarvoor het wel bedoeld is.
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Goeie Pre-workout

Review by H Bos on Feb 25, 2023
Verified purchase
Hij is makkelijk in te nemen, maar de smaak is voor mij te scherp/pittig in mijn keel. Door deze pre-workout kan ik makkelijker de workout door en kan ik langer door. Ook kan ik zwaarder trainen door de energie die je ervan krijgt. Een echte aanrader dit als je van een wat scherpere/pittigere pre-workout houd!
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Heel fijn!

Review by H Bos on Feb 25, 2023
Verified purchase
Ik heb van deze nu de grotere pot gehaald. Hij is makkelijk in te nemen en heeft een fijne smaak vind ik! Door deze pre-workout kan ik makkelijker de workout door en kan ik langer door. Ook kan ik zwaarder trainen door de energie die je ervan krijgt. Een echte aanrader dit!
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