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7 x common training mistakes by runners

Training mistakes: I still make them too often. I can tick off this list of seven. They're not all very bad mistakes to make, but maybe you are better off avoiding some of them. Today I'm sharing seven common training mistakes made by runners.

1. Too Much, Too Soon

When I started training for my very first marathon, I thought it was a great idea to do as many kilometers as possible, as quickly as possible. But was that wise? No! Try to build up your kilometers slowly. First, look at what your body is used to and then try to build up the duration gradually. Your body has to get used to the longer effort. If you build up too quickly, you can very easily develop (unnecessary) injuries.

2. Not tailoring your nutrition for running

If you are fanatic about running, it is wise to take your nutrition into account. That does not mean that you have to change your entire diet. Still, it is wise to consume extra protein after a heavy workout , so that your muscles recover well and quickly. For years, I did not do this myself, but now I notice that my muscles recover better when I do. Also for running it is a matter of trying out what works for you. For example, I have often enough made the mistake of eating too much in advance. In addition, too much fiber before a workout does not work well for me. You will have to experiment with this if you are fanatic about running.

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3. Not doing anything about core stability

I didn't pay attention to this for years, but since a while I have been picking it up again. I notice a difference immediately. Because of the core stability training I have a better and more efficient running technique. I am less likely to suffer from ailments. This shows why core stability is so important for runners.

4. Doing the same thing every time

Been there, done that. I often trained the same laps at the same speed. At a certain point your body is used to this intensity and this distance and little happens. There is little progress this way. Now I train much more varied, with many different interval training sessions, different distances and different speeds. Now I also notice that I am improving myself and there is an upward trend.

5. Exercising when you are sick

I have done it many times: exercising while I was actually ill or not fit. That was not always wise. In the meantime I have learned an important rule. Are you experiencing complaints below the neck? Then it is better not to run. If you only have complaints above your neck, such as: a runny nose, earache or a sore throat, then a quiet run cannot hurt. However, I would advise you to adapt your training to how your body feels.

6. Pushing through aches and pains

I once had an ingrown toenail. No problem at all you would say, but because that toe was so painful, I started to walk differently. This put a different pressure on my ankle and I got more and more pain. I should have taken a little more rest right away, but I kept going. As a result, these muscles became overloaded and I ended up being unable to do anything for a long time. The same goes for my runner's knee. Fortunately, I intervened just in time, so it was ultimately not that bad in terms of recovery. The pain was soon gone, thanks to good exercises.

7. Running too fast

And finally, a mistake that I still make often: running too fast. I find it very difficult to run really slowly. At the moment I try to run based on heart rate and then I no longer focus on my speed. That is perhaps even better than being concerned only with speed. Still, long runs are often too fast rather than too slow, in my case. Training in those low zones is so important! This runners mistake, is thus still something that I am working on!

Which training mistakes have you ever made? Are some of these recognizable to you? I am very curious!
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