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When you’re out there taking on the world each day, it can be hard to stay fresh, motivated and focussed on your goals. Our all-new FIT ENERGY is a deliciously light sparkling energy drink made to give a refreshing boost to all kinds of active lifestyles. Here, you’ll learn all about the first ever energy drink in the Body&Fit range, what’s in it, and how it can help you find the focus, hydration and energy you need anytime, anywhere

What makes FIT ENERGY different to other energy drinks?

When we set out developing FIT ENERGY, we wanted to create a product that could give you that extra boost you sometimes need in a healthy way. Firstly, it’s sugar free and contains just 10 kcal per 250ml can. The caffeine we use in FIT ENERGY comes from natural sources, so it’s not artificially added like it is in some other energy drinks out there. Its formula, which we’ll go into more detail below, is specially made to give you focus, hydration and energy no matter where life takes you.  

What are the benefits of the energy drink: FIT ENERGY?

Let’s have a look at how FIT ENERGY can help support your health, fitness and lifestyle goals. 


We’ve already mentioned that FIT ENERGY contains naturally sourced caffeine. Specifically, there’s 100mg in each can (an average cup of freshly brewed coffee usually has around 80-100mg). It’s a common ingredient in many energy drinks and pre-workout supplements because it increases alertness and improves concentration*. So, whether it’s during those long days at the office or hours of study in the library, stash a can of FIT ENERGY in your bag to stay sharp, focused and get things done when you need to most. 

Check out our blog to learn more about what caffeine is and what it does to your body.   
* health claim pending approval by the European Commission. 


Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge when they’re dissolved in fluid. They’re vital for lots of different bodily processes. One of the most important is keeping you hydrated. How? Electrolytes are able to maintain the fluid balance between the inside and outside of cells, stopping them from bursting when they’re too full or drying up when they get too dehydrated.  

FIT ENERGY is a hypotonic drink, which means it has a lower concentration of dissolved particles compared to the fluids in your body. When you drink a hypotonic drink, these particles are absorbed into your bloodstream faster than if you were to drink something with a higher concentration of dissolved particles, such as a hypertonic or isotonic drink. 

So, FIT ENERGY is ideal for quickly replenishing lost fluids after intense workouts like running, a game of five-a-side or your favourite fitness class. 


Each can of FIT ENERGY contains 70mg of magnesium. An important electrolyte, magnesium also contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. If you’re feeling a little sluggish after a hard week at work or school, just grab a can and start the weekend on top of your game.  

FIT ENERGY energiedrank
Nieuw bij Body&Fit: de energiedrank FIT ENERGY

What other ingredients are in FIT ENERGY? 

Here’s what else puts the ‘fit’ and ‘energy’ into FIT ENERGY: 

Amino acids 

Amino acids are organic compounds that serve as the building blocks of proteins. There are 20 different types of amino acids, each with their own unique functions. FIT ENERGY contains the non-essential amino acids L-arginine, L-citrulline and L-glutamine.  


BCAA’s, or branched chain amino acids, are a group of three essential amino acids: valine, isoleucine and leucine. They’re essential because the body is unable to produce them by itself, so we need to get them from our diets. You’ll find all three in every can of FIT ENERGY, making it easy for you to stay on top of your intake. 

You can read more about the differences between amino acids, BCAAs and protein by checking out our blog. 


The organic compound, taurine, plays a role in various biological processes. Although it’s an amino acid, taurine is often referred to as “conditionally essential” because the body can produce it by itself. Under certain conditions, however, such as during times of high stress or illness, the body’s natural production may dwindle.  

We’ve added 625mg of taurine to each can of FIT ENERGY. 

Beta alanine  

A non-essential amino acid, beta alanine is used by the body to produce carnosine, a dipeptide molecule found in high concentrations in the muscles and brain. You’ll find no less than 125mg in each FIT ENERGY can.  

What flavours of FIT ENERGY drink are available?  

You can get a refreshing boost from FIT ENERGY in three revitalizing flavours — orange, tropical & mixed berry. Enjoy straight from the fridge, over ice, or on the go. If you ask us, it’s best served on a sunny afternoon in the park, after the gym, or before a night out with friends. 

Energy drink FIT ENERGY in the flavour Mixed Berry
Body&Fit's energiedrank FIT ENERGY in de smaak Mixed Berry

We’d love to hear your thoughts on FIT ENERGY. Get in touch with us via our socials and let us know how it helps you get through those busy, active days. If you have any further questions about what goes into our delicious energy drink, feel free to get in touch with our team of Nutrition Experts, who are always on hand to help you #FINDYOURFIT.